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The pet died. There is a trick to bringing it back

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If your player is Healer. You target your pet and bring it back with the skill Bleseed Resurraction. But if you are another class. Then you should have a different account and have a player Healer. Whenever you exchange the pet. And Healer brings it back. If you do not have Healer. Then talk to a trusted friend of yours who has Healer. And do all of the above. If you don't have friend with healer. Stay with your player here die your pet. And make other account class Healer. And don't worry player is Up very fast lvl. What I write here is tested on the server Chronos. 

If you can not exchange your pet. Because he is dead. There is a trick to putting it back in your bag. You must have the same or the other pet in your bag, double click to get the other one out and then exchange it with your player or your friend the player to do all the above. If you do not have another pet, find a friend who has one. To do what I wrote.

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