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Primeval Garden Instance

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@Hermes, after a week going to the new instance we could notice some things:

- Magmeld Talisman Energy drop rate is too low. I stayed there with 4 chars actively hitting and could get 1, 5, 7 and 9 on the entrance of the instance, playing for 420 minutes (7 hours). I think you should increase the drop rate. Also I notice that the drop rate of the energy is zero with the buffers that are not hitting. is this supposed to be like this?

- The hard mobs from inside are like raid bosses. They hit very hard and their defense is very high, making them almost impossible top kill for 99% of the players, even in party with all buffers and boots.

Thinking about that it will be very hard to obtain the talisman fragments, since the chance is only 20% when you craft the energy.  Also, that 2% xp boost collection for 30 fragments is ridiculous, given how hard it is to obtain a fragment. It's even worse because it's time limited for 2 weeks. 

The new instance is nice, but needs some adjustment. 

Thank you

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