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Top Grade Sapphire Lv. 10 [Event]


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Hi all,

Wondering if anyone else has come across this issue. The Top Grade Sapphire Lv10 from Orianna seems to not work correctly, or at least is not working fluidly. I've noticed two things. First, the animation for this gem shows the soulshot animation and sound effect, not the spiritshot effects. Second, and more importantly, when using this gem I have noticed my casting rate (say... spells per minute) drops drastically when compared to a Greater Sapphire. Is there an animation or sound effect issue that in some way negatively impacts this gem?

Curious to see if others have noticed this bug. For an item that should show massive DPS gains over a Greater Gem, I am not seeing this... In fact, over the course of testing I can see almost a 10% drop in total damage output when compared to a Greater Sapphire Lv3 over the course of 10 minute (spell spamming) sample.

EDIT: Yes, each individual spell hits harder -- so it seems the damage bonus from the gem itself is working. I believe there is a problem with the animation or sound effects involved that is negatively impacting the effective reuse time. Using the same keyboard macro for spell spam on Shillen Saint on NPC, casting is just slower for seemingly no reason at all.

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