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Producer Letter "Information about the next update" from Japan Live Servers


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The Following was translated from Lineage 2 Japan Official Server ( It is for Live Server )

Producer Letter "Information about the next update"

Hello, this is Arai, the general producer of Lineage II.
Thank you for playing Lineage II.
The next update has been decided on Wednesday, October 19, 2022.
Some information was also released on Rine 2 TV "18th Anniversary! Live Broadcast",
We will introduce other content that will be introduced.
[Common information]
・Introduction of new launcher and new client
 We will replace the launcher and client in conjunction with the update on October 19th (Wednesday).
 From October 5th (Wednesday), we will start pre-release of the new launcher and new client.
 * It can be downloaded and installed in advance, and will be available after the regular maintenance on October 19th (Wednesday).
 *After the regular maintenance on October 19th (Wednesday), the old launcher and client will not be available, so please prepare in advance.
[Update content pickup]
<Live service>
・World Hunting Ground “Tower of Arrogance” World Raid Boss “Baium”
 - This is a special World Raid Boss Battle where only the occupied clan of 'Aden Castle' and 'Rune Castle' on each server can enter.
・Introduced a new system "History of Heroes"
 - A new system that allows you to increase your character's stats as you level up.
・New content “Cursed Village”
 - The automatic hunting system has been available to everyone for a while. By improving the convenience of hunting,
   Opportunities to receive opinions on PK have increased.
   The PK system has been operating as an official system since the beginning of the service in Lineage II, which has a chaotic world as its theme.
   Due to recent changes in game circumstances and customer play situations, we were considering restructuring the PK system.
   Based on customer feedback and in-game data, we have strengthened the PK penalty in this update,
  We will implement a "cursed village" system in the direction of guiding even a little free hunting.
・The field hunting grounds "Kuruma Wetland" and "Winter Labyrinth" have been reorganized into Lv122 hunting grounds.
・Instant dungeon "Labyrinth of Castia" LV125 added
・Time system hunting ground
 - Added "Lobby" function 
  *When moving to a time-based hunting ground, you will be transferred to the lobby and moved to each time-based hunting ground from the lobby.
 - Reorganization of "Astatine Refinery", "Soul Island", "Storm Island", and "Ancient Island"
 - UI reorganization
・World hunting ground "Dythrone" reorganization
 - We will adjust the usage time zone, monster balance, and drops.
・Pheo Wizard Class Care
 - Increased skill power of certain skills affected by skill magic critical
・Expansion of macro function
 - The current maximum of 12 lines will be expanded to 20 lines.
・Experience value/SP related denomination (rounding down of units)
 -Acquired experience points/SP numbers are bloated and the server load is increasing, so we will round down the units.
  * We are planning to adjust about 1/10,000.
・Introduced a system for automatically synthesizing and automatically using box-type items.
 - Improve the convenience of item enhancement and acquisition.
・New smelting added
 - Refining will be added to 'Serenia/Expert's Mask' and 'Akamanah/Zariche Weapon'.
・Class skill adjustment
 - By taking a lot of damage through skill attacks that ignore defense, you will feel deprived in PVP.
  We will make adjustments with the aim of reducing the element that is given and increasing the importance of the character's original defensive power.
  "Common Yule Archer" "Common Teal Warrior" "Gravity Ranker" "Siegel Death Knight" etc.
  Adjust the damage ratio of skills that ignore defense.
[Future updates]
I would like to tell you a little bit about what we are currently considering.
We will also talk about the live broadcast scheduled for Friday, October 14, 2022.
<Live service>
・ Reorganization of the cursed sword system
 - The so-called "cursed sword" system has received a lot of various opinions, but we are considering major changes and termination of the system itself.
  The "cursed sword" system was planned and developed with the aim of guiding more users to PVP.
  "Automatic hunting is interrupted by unintentionally acquiring a cursed sword during automatic hunting",
  We have received many comments such as "Rewards are concentrated in certain groups within the server".
  We are considering the equalization of reward acquisition opportunities and various system changes.
・Class balance adjustment
 - We continue to receive a lot of feedback regarding class balance adjustments, and we are considering various adjustments.
  We are currently looking into the details of strengthening magic skill categories that increase attack power.
   Specifically, we plan to focus on standardizing the delays of some enchanting magic skills.
  We will also consider adjusting the skill power of each class.
【At the end】
The service team is preparing for the biggest update of 2022 so that everyone can enjoy it.
The update is coming soon, so please look forward to it.
Please note that the content of this notice includes content that is currently being adjusted, so it may change at the time of implementation.
Thank you for your continued support of Lineage II.
Lineage II Service Team
Lineage II General Producer Tomokazu Arai
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