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Duelist need to be fix!


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Hi dear GMs, 

as a Duelist main player, I do feel that Duelist in this version of the game that suppose to be "SOLO" total weak and nerfed so much. Before update he has more skills that help him to compete with Blade Dancer dmg(which I do have better gear), then update comes, this class has to learn all the skill that get "stronger" comes with 10s, 30s CD and 2 skills got deleted which helped alot with 1 combo kill. LoL.

Added 4* skill that is totally hard to get to get stronger to be compatible with other with just one 3* skill book. 2* skill add up 400 patk that means nothing to dmg( before learn normal dmgs were from 450-650 and after learn 500-700, for skills - max skill dmg is around 9k with or without skill learned with top A duals +5) so it means nothing changes.
Blade dancer with same gear is doing lot more dmg now have passive skill with even better stats by adding STR. All this with HP drain.

I'm sorry but this is unfair for us as Duelist main players.
Duelist need to be fixed. People don't play this class anymore because it is too weak. Please fix it.
My solution is less CD for new skills down to half of it, get back the deleted skills like double sonic slash and old momentum system instead of spirit(current) or spirit levels will add % to skill dmg(add 5%dmg per spirit lvl). Get back -30% P.def to sonic rage.
Add a bit more to final secret like 10% skill crit, 10% skill CD and make it a buff for 20min.

PVE dmg +10%.

Thank you


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