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About gameplay fees

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As you are aware Aden service removed 100% resurrections sources from class skills and now we have to pay certain amount of l2coins to restore our experience (1), this cost could translate to a monthly fee of 10usd if you are in a clan in war, a price comparable to other games subscription.

Additionally, there are instance zones that either require adena or l2coins as entry fees, this fee is lost if for some reason you leave them.

My question are,

i)are you okay with paying the forced subscription on deaths done by someone with either more time or credit card?

ii)are you ok with losing the entrance fee and possibly whole entry due a game disconnection/crash?

If there is any developer that still reads this forums, i would like to request, first to fix the issue where the restore experience not always work, second to lower the the l2coins cost on restore experience on people that belongs to clans on war as they should not be penalized for enjoying the game the way it was designed and finally to make all instances entry fees a one time fee per day instead of per entry.

(1):the restore experience not always works, some people have bugged out and lost months of work just to that and because most are not in the endgame they simply don't notice the experience loss.

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your questions...

i) Being ok... what does it mean ? Could be a real question if L2 were a game that belongs to everyone, like a right we all have. Since  it is not, the company needs an income. Yet you can play it for free. Would be a nonsense that some people got to pay for a benefit that you have for free.

ii) that is an issue, nobody can be Ok with that.


NCSoft could improve the store prices, which I do suggest, more than requesting. 

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