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Raging Force Skill

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Hi NCSoft @Hermes @Wissp

Can you please verify the Raging Force skill from Tyrant? Is it working as expected in bosses?

I CAN debuff many of them like all the Chaos (Zaken, Queen Ant, Core, and Orfen), Kadim, Lilith, Anakim, and all the Priest.

I CANNOT debuff QA, Baium, Zaken, Orfen, Core, Antharas, Ice Lord (Tron, Glakias, Lasigies, Slaheg), and Aztakan.

It doesn't make any sense to me since harder bosses I can debuff! Also, it's not the level, because I'm lvl 90. Also, other debuffs from other chars work in all bosses. 



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