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Special Monthly Gift – May Edition!


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The May Gifts are out! Each month through the end of the year, we will be gifting all players in Lineage II, Lineage II: Classic, and Lineage II: Aden with useful rewards! Please note that some items received from using these codes will expire, and the codes must be used by the last day of the month.
Please note, that
 these codes should not be redeemed during server maintenance. Scheduled maintenance details are posted every week in the game appropriate ‘News & Announcements’ section of the forums.

Below are the vanity codes for the month of May, which can be redeemed by following the instructions listed here. Please be aware that each code only works once per account, and all items redeemed can only be received by one character. The last day to redeem this month’s codes is Wednesday, May 31.

Vitality Maintaining Rune Box - 7 Days x1 (Expires June 6)*
Death Knight's Ring Box - 30 Days x1 (Expires June 6)**
Beora's Ancient Vitality Tonic x100
Emperor's Special Cocktail x30
Freya's Ice Rose x30
Honey Dark Beer x30
Shining Dragon Attribute Tonic (XP) x30
Shining Nevit's Gold Sandglass x30

* The 7-day Vitality Rune is included as a compensation for the issues and emergency maintenances that were experienced on May 2.
** The Death Knight’s Ring Box has an inaccurate description where it states this item is part of the new server early registration. Please disregard the description.
*** Both Vitality Rune and Death Knight boxes will be removed during the maintenance on June 6. Currently, these items do not display a timer, however, these will be added during next week’s maintenance. Make sure to open them before their set expiration date.

Dragon Belt Box x5
Spirit Ore x1000
Soulshot Ticket x500
Growth Rune Fragment x15
Golden Fruit Buff Lv. 2 x100
Dragon's Special Elixir Lv. 2 x100

Lineage II: Aden – Gifts were made available in-game via the L2Coin Event Shop.
May Gift Box – 1 Adena (Blackbird & Elcadia only) (Expires May 30)
Elixir Powder x10
Red Arc 400-unit Pack x1
Dye Powder x10

This Month’s Gift – 1 Adena (Guardian only) (Expires May 30)
Transcendent Dungeon Extra Pass (Time-limited)     x2 (Expires May 30)
Forgotten Garden Time Recharge Stone (Time-limited) x4 (Expires May 30)
Primeval Isle Time Recharge Stone (Time-limited) x4 (Expires May 30)

This Month’s Consumables Box – 1 Adena (Blackbird, Elcadia) (Expires May 30)* 
Grace Cookie x200
Soulshot Ticket x1,000
Spirit Ore x10,000
Boost Attack Scroll x100
Boost Defense Scroll x100

* The “This Month’s Consumables Box” is currently not available in Guardian, and we expect it to be added during the maintenance on 5/9. maintenance. 

Thank you to everyone who continues to play and support Lineage II! We hope you enjoy these items!

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