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Good morning everybody!!!
First I would like to thank you for creating this game, LINEAGE 2.
I've been active since 2006, originating from Erika's server.
I've followed the ups and downs of the game ever since, but I've never lost interest.
But lately I've been getting more annoyed than usual by the evasive responses, the change in game mechanics, and I've noticed a lack of interest in keeping "dinosaurs" like me active.
I usually spend a few tens of thousands of dollars on this game, LINEAGE 2, which you can check out directly at L2 SHOP, currently being one of the most expensive players (Naia server).
I don't want to have privileges, I just want to have the services provided correctly and without any burden on my gameplay.
Let's go to the facts that led me to write this correspondence.
I registered the server transfer of three accounts from Naia to Chronos, which should have taken place on 5/1/2023.
Due to problems that will never be presented to players, and to me in particular, this transfer did not take place.

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That's OK, it happens! I opened the ticket and the transfer took place on 05/08/2023. But contrary to expectations, my upgraded Dethrone skills (FIRE) were reset. I don't know if there's anyone in the NC who actually plays Lineage 2, but it affects the gameplay a lot, because of the stats that were suppressed.I'm looking for help to repair the fault and consequently have the opportunity to continue improving my player's status, but this right is being taken away from me by the NC, because they don't know, along with the development team, what happened. To understand a little of the inconvenience they are causing me, this affects: PVP - performance in Olympics and SIEGE. PVE - Adenas Farm and XP Farm, because it is weaker, it compromises the player's performance. Condition for improving the indicators to improve the player's performance, as I cannot evolve and have the skills zeroed again. Finally, I am turning to you, so that I can have not only the skills restored, but also the improvement correction is made for all the time that I could not make the improvements in the skills due to this failure of the development team. I will be waiting for your response.

Thank you very much!

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We understand the inconvenience caused by skill reset and are currently working on the issue.

We sincerely apologize for the disturbance and the delayed progress.

Will be updating as soon as possible when there is any information to share.

Thank you.


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