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frenzy, guts ,over the body, zealot update


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hey guys wanted to share some thought about the last nerf down about titan class. i think this is one of the worst nerf down to titans , this didnt give balance at all and i think its 100% unfair  cause thats the only benefit for titans and now they cant even use them because of some dudes crazy geared the wickest players now wouldnt be able to use those buff skills cause of intaking crazy amount of dmg. ALSO titans dont have any defensive skill even at the heavy armor mastery insted of all the other classes have some benefits for - dmg receive and critical dmg. Some summoners and some mages have more p def and attack speed from a titan its ridiculous then to nerf dow titans to give balance to the server. this update bring us back to chronicle 3 when a destroyer was able to destro absolutely nothing. i hope some gms read this and take that feedback seriously and bring back the game to the previous situation. i hope gm Hermes read this. share ur thoughts dudes with me let me know your opinio :)

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