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Daily, mission and final reward

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Hi there, i dont know if someone from ncsoft will actually read this since i never seen any response from most of the topic but here we go.


Now its been a couple months already you guys have changed the quantity of mission level required to obtain and claim the final prize in the mission section.

The problem is that with 30 level of mission level now, even if we login, do all the 5 daily hunting mission (1 to 5) plus the Hot spring, Giant Cave, Forgotten Island mission EVERYDAY FOR ALL THE DAY OF THE PERIOD (by the way i dont know if you guys actually do it with normal toons (around 80 level) to test it but its around 2h everyday that it takes for the missions and then to check every here and then for the daily hunting)  it is crazy and not healthy for people in your position to ask people that if they want the top prize to do all this wich is literaly 60 hours per month  to not even get and obtain the top prize (wich is most of the time not worth it also).

That said,  i would suggest (to keep players interested by login, playing and participating everyday) by either putting the numbers of mission levels to 25 (to give a "buffer" in case of connection or internet problems from the players) or to give the same % amount from the start to finish from all mission level and to put it to a realistic % so the players can actually REACH the final reward if they did all the missions for 30 days. 

The 5 daily hunting mission should be the main source to get the exp mission % and if the player have a problem in real life or connection or server problem, then the others mission like hot spring, clan arena etc come into action to still have a chance for them to reach the reward at the end. 


I hope this will be read and maybe just maybe that someone in ncsoft will understand this point so you guys can correct that.


Thank you and have a nice day

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