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Summoner Bug Issue!

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I sent a ticket in regards to my summon being cancelled every time I restart or get disconnected!  The GMs instructed me to go to the forums to report my issue which was very strange to me.  All they have to do is log in a summoner with a pet and then restart and they will see that their summon will disappear.  I am having to waste my spirit ores to re-summon my pet every time I have to log back in on my summoner.  What is the "support option" for if they can even figure out that simple issue and resolve it?  I request that you give every single class who has a summon or a pet 1,000 spirit ores for this inconvenience.  I highly doubt this summon bug is intentional and if it is, you are breaking the game even more...  Please fix it in the next update...


A Summoner


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