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Tricksters royal fck-ed.

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I don't understand WHY there is so much nerfing. I remember when the Assassin update came out, "named" monsters were suddenly added, which are 3x as strong and give the same exp and adena. I don't hear anyone talking about that. I also don't understand why events are becoming more and more expensive. Events cannot be played by f2p players because they do not earn more than 4 mil per day. (there's nothing left if you have to buy shots and pots.)

Now with the latest major update, Trickers can't even run 1 skill constantly, because after 15 minutes they are already out of mana. Tricksters are already one of the worst archers in the game, why make it even worse?

Btws...Tricksters use Crossbows too, NOT bows!

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Is simple dude..Koreans dont want f2p to farm as much as the p2w players....that's why the nerfes are only on low/mid farmin spots.All top spots are untached or even buffed.

About the mana use...Koreans trying to remove all the mana gain/return skills....in the Archer patch they are taking away from the HE the b2m skill.Forcing ppl to buy orfen or focus on mana usage.

Also Koreans trying to simulate more ppl to spend money or go to internet caffes that they acumulate the PC point  and use in the game(as u know with PC points in Korea u can buy alll kind of scrolls/pots also with the same PC points u can go to the Aligator island)
Also they have a lot of cash back systems implemented in their cash shop...so they have same price as we do but they get like 30-50% cash back+ if they were playing from the pc clubs they get more back.
SO at the end we are the region with the most expensive Ncoins/Lcoins :)
Even EU/RU servers have way better systems then we do.....

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On 9/23/2023 at 6:56 PM, OBB said:

I have no problem with my trickster's mana. And I'm FTP, I don't have epics jewelry and boss weapons, nothing special.

Maybe if you dont run any skills. Or got your collection at 100%. Got 6 tricksters and 1 can run Twin Shot 24/7. The others not even close to 10 minutes. Before we could run all skills without any problem. Yeah they run out of mana, but they pump up their mana in some point. This aint there anymore. Makes them kinda a shit archer, because they dont have any PVP skills.

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To be honest, I don't get such dramas anymore.  Is your current class bad now? Go change it with class change ticket  - we have them for good price each major update (I have collected even 2 of them on one account so far).  Aden's servers aren't  party based, you farm on your own as you wish, so just adjust your class for best for farm RIGHT NOW. 

I started as BD (most cheap and stable class on server start), I was domi (when domi was main farming class, again cheap on setup), now I'm SE (ja-ja, as current most stable in farm class with full gear re-use). Next update I will be something else, I don't mind - I don't relay on anything except myself for farm\ game run. 


Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.  (c) 

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