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I can't do the quest Beginning of adventure


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I have an issue with the 'Beginning of Adventure' quest. I'm a level 22 Dark Elf archer, and I'm unable to complete it because I run out of mana (using arrows) or I get killed with a sword. I don't have enough Adena to buy health potions. How can I improve my equipment or where can I go to farm mobs to level up and earn Adena? This is the only quest I have active, and I need to finish it to receive others.

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You can purchase Newbie Starter Pack in the NCShop and the Newbie Starter packaged in the L2Coin for 1 adena. Those items will help you get gears and boost you to level 40 within 2 - 3 of play. Do use it all in one go as the game is meant for daily mission type of game play to grind your character to a certain level quickly. 

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