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Some personal comments / thoughs

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I have been playing this on and off since the begining.

And I must say that some changes to the game over the years have been good, others not so much. I am not and will not ever be a hardcore gamer, but I do want to point out a few things that bother me during my playtime, things that I find annoying.


First of all, the fact that items have been made non tradeable, take for instance the fact that soulore and spiritore no longer can be traded, this makes things a bit more tricky. If a party is out in the woods farming and the person doing the most damage runs out of ore, the whole party stands to die due to the fact only ONE person can go to town and buy ore. Before this change, anyone in the party could just SOE out and buy some.

The second thing is that the market prices is way over the top.  Me for one would like a descent cloak, not top grade. So I started looking on Chronos, and yeah, I can't ever afford a cloak at this rate. There are also other items that are insanly overpriced. This makes the gap between the players way way larger. And it makes it imposible to get to the high end of the game.

The third thing is that drop rates in this game is weird, if I hunt in the woods, for over a day, I get plenty of cash, but drops. I have gotten over my years of gaming only 3-4 full drops, in high end game content. You usually just get the same, over and over.

The fourth thing is the rates of OE. I stopped ages ago doing the OE, cause I just crystalize all. This is very anoying, and this is also what I think drives the prices through the roof. In 9/10 I blow stuff up from +3 to +4. so why should I bother. This only boostes that market even further, making the prices crazy high.

The fifth thing is events. I used to love events. Spec. Before this game went all free, and pay to win. Then you grinded for the prices, now you can just go in and buy items, and get the prices, but where does this leave us ? favoring the rich ? And this last one does exactly that, ruins everything, 3200 for a load of stuff, that is great, but yeah, price is way off and the game really doesn't need this. Overflooding the market with scrolls and VIT tonics. The game worked fine with the old subscription, and with those Runes.

The sixth thing is a likeable thing. I love that the game has updates, at a regual inerval. Class changes, new classes.  and all for free. So yay. Nice

The seven. I love the free monthly stuff, but I don't like the fact that NCSoft without warning moved the info to the Discord, which I for one find crappy. I don't like Discord and never have. put it back to the posts, where it was, please.

I for one miss the old subscription and HATE the new pay to win model.


I will stick around for the 20th anniversary, but I am not so sure I will stick around for 21.









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