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Can ncsoft fix the Transformation books system??


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Hallo dear ncsoft team! @GM_EVA @GM_dufo @GM_SKY and all the gms  i need from someone from you attention pls!


As the old players know we had this daily missions that we was getting this transformation book fragment and after 10 you was getting 1 transformation book that was tradable when i was newbie i used too sell the books too make some adena soni can gearup my char!  Now that you guys changed it too imprint new players are not able too play because we need too make a mythic  transformation 49 years!  Something that is not possible! On other side if we want sell the books is not possible!  Only the ppls that was old players are now full transformations and we will never catch emon this!  Can you guys pls watch this problem and do it again like it was before!? Or can you just tell me a other way too get 1 mythic transformation? That font need 49 years farm? 

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