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2 years or more of playing Aden


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After more than 2 years of playing 
with 10 accounts (to get some adena and drops),
and failing all attempts to achieve a lvl2 doll (in 2 years).
I can realize that it makes no sense to continue playing on this server,
the time and effort is not worth it,
it is impossible to compete or achieve something just by persevering.
Only spending money and gambling works.
The next change they added, which is being able to change name and gender due to the 10k lcoin madness,
once again makes it clear to me that the CEOs of ncsoft live on another planet and
cannot understand why people leave the server.
The truth is that they ruined this great game that is Lineage2.
The addition of discord and putting up channels with suggestions that seem
to fall on deaf ears only seem to want to delay their own internal administration problems.
I still can't understand how illegal servers are more attractive and respectful
to their users than the company that created the game itself.
I think they should rethink who they put in charge and fire those responsible.
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15-11-2023 NC worst than ever, raised again the prices of books in red libra, 200kk 400kk 1B!!! All CEO of NC need to be fired, the server was already dead, and now put events that are impossible for F2P.  The suggestions you ask for the game go to empty sack like always.

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