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Monthly consumables

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After waiting so long a friend of mine that follows your discord send me one reply from Rownen regarding the monthly consumble that were usually distrubuted at the start of the month. According to his answer the monthly consumable codes  were part of an event for the year of 2023.

In previous answer from another Game Master in 2023 he said that it was something that was given to  the players as community requested it (player Nostromo 17/01/2023).

Nevertheless I would like to ask you to again re-establish the distribution of monthly consumables for the reasons below:
- Not all players have donated and cannot generate the gold to keep up with your events .

- The monthly consumables distribution was a help to any new player that entered the game.

- Some classes (other than Assasins, Titans, Soul hounds, Cardinals, Death Knights etc) cannot generate the same gold as other. Moreover some classes are most costly than others. So the monthly consumable was a helping hand to players of any class at the start of the month.


In case you do not want to re-establish the monthly consumables at least introduce other solutions e.g. increase the daily max number of spirit ore, cookies and ss tickets you can buy and also decrease their cost.


Lastly, if you are going to enact a new policy that affects new players please also post it to forum and also point out your reasons that led you there. Otherwise you do not respect the community. (Also some of the people here do not follow your discord).

With respect,




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in these ways I think that the does not want new players.and not only for consumables but also from other things you do!....the monthly codes of consumables finally let the price fall in the shops so that a new player can play..!!!!! I'd like you to tell us what the company's thoughts are.

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