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Why don't this Great company, L2bot company.

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Would be nice if this bot game would give rewards to the very few players that don't use 3rd person programs!! We all know 99%+ are using is a reason why this GM don't ban them anymore?? Nobody would be still playing. I would guess around 20-50 MAX are not using these programs if that many from both servers Naia and Chronos.!.

Bots buying/selling, bots in Olympiad 99%++, Thanks for this new purple app on the phones, but today these bot's DC they are on Auto log back in.. auto rez, auto all... and if this GM doesn't know if using a program can log into one PC 10-20 accounts lol at the normal 3 per PC... (Why full).... L2Bot company!! Give the few not using rewards.. Wouldn't be many!!

Bring back GM Juju! (and a GM not selling in-game gear like this-these others are doing, all bout making CASH this game, GM and owners) only GM that tried to make this bad game Great... but L2Bot company Fired him trying to ban these bots.... SAD

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in the search field of your browser type in who owns curseforge ? 

this is a ten cent game . its made for bots . they are the gold farms . same people in all online games .

i call them curseforge players . they farm gold to sell for real world money and launder virtual currencies .

in 2009 i killed the crap out of promethius  in lc  for a week for dragging a mob into my favorite fish pond . 

yesterday i saw him in runes of magic . same guy . i emoted and he knows who i am . hes been in every online game i have ever looked at . same people .

they also pirate games ( type pirate servers ) illegal servers lists come up . i want some of them to run because the real ones have been destroyed . 

these people steal copy righted  intellectual properties and virtual currencies , and now amazon has bought wolf ( the gold farms ) and curseforge in the worst acquisition  in history  as now we have an entity to point the finger at and hold responsible ... but we cant . it will kill online games . 

download runes of magic ( game forge client ) and play on us server ... same damn curseforge players .look at eu same people . 

stop posting have a nice day , please remove the post . wizards are your friends .  you cant miss them . they are the ones fighting for you in online games . grrrr ...  :)



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you are not a real player at all are you forum troll.  you are the same people that troll steams forums .

next you will be saying come play chronicles of arcadia so we can steal your personal information and sell it to china , because we have no scruples ethics or morals and we dont care if two thirds of the planet get destroyed as long as we make money .

so witch pirate server did you make ? maybe you just want to try to cause unrest or otherwise grieve the general population for some kind of personal gain ...yeah , ill bite whats your game forum troll ?

i dont care we are going to get mid evil on that arse  tri you as a witch and burn you at the stake for flaming in our forums .

be advised you have attempted to ply your trade on the wrong person .

lineage2 is a semi wizard protected world .

ban his forum account  , hes a witch burn him  , im gonna go get some coffee . have a nice day , and may the good news be yours .  :) 


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posting 2 times on my one forum, I know you're one of these bot's playing this dead game!! GF bot. Yes I like this why don't this GREAT company, do another MASS BAN get rid of all of these bot's and make them start all over!! that would make this GREAT Company crazy cash!! with all of these people stuck playing this broken ass game!!

For the very few players that still never got on this bot program. GRATZ! My guess less than 25 on both of these servers.

Pay to WIN, Pay to BOT! L2Bot company!!

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you have been here for a couple of years ... i am sorry for calling you a forum troll . im sorry . i forget that i am not the only 1 player in online games that has never cheated in any way ever .  manipulate  things fair and square but dont cheat .

( exploit things any way you can to kill the bots ) lol

lets get some rules down never curse in any online game forum dont filter avoid and yes you may say arse . 

i have killed more bots trolls hackers virtual bleep gangs exploiters filter avoiders   programs and gold spammers out of online games than anyone on the planet .

i have died the most in online games , wizards can die way way way  more than you can . thats because they were sending the gold spammers into flower beds in town or killing them to keep them from spamming . and it was just a warm up .

ever wonder why there are no gold spammers ?  ill kill the crap out of them . even if i have to destroy the whole player base to do it . ( im a monster ) lol , but im your monster . i fight for real players i kill machines i kill worlds , wizards are vengeful greedy solitary things .

it better run right for new players or it will anger the greater dark gods in online games . always help new players ,they are probably just some new bot , but maybe not .

you dont want to find yourself chasing the nicest girl ever around with a dragon ... it happens . 

click on my name view my old posts im pretty damned far from a freaking bot . i didnt mean to troll your post . im very sorry  , im  after information .

is that a mac ? get a pc . you will tear your mind out playing on that thing , the resolution.. is that a real number ?

you are on the right server , please stop posting , ill kill them already , dont poke me , keep it clean . 

read what i said , thats what they are . runes of magic is a better world come to us server .  im easy to spot . ill help you . 





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