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AngelAndDevil clan BOT abuse

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AngelAndDevil clan BOT abuse must stop.
People cannot get out of town 5 minutes b/c someone of that clan, mainly TDT char, appears and gank.
It is impossible for him to know my location, i have no revenge's on me, they are not even waiting for you to get the spots for farming. Yesterday i got ganked on the gates of a City when i went out for buffing my char.
This behavior is lame by itself, but it gets worst when the staff justify this by banning me from the Discord while complaining.

How ill must the server be for you to react?, how many people must leave for you to punish them?.

It doesn't matter where i farm, they get me through Adrenaline Bot alerts.


CLAN: AngelAndDevil
Server: Black Bird, Aden SV.


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