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LF 16+H / DAY GROUP ( chobos aside )


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hey there, 

i am looking for a group at TI server fittin my large playtimes and high demands.

my online is gonna look like around 16 hours per day first two to four weeks with the ability to keep it being covered later.

What i am seeking for is a group of experienced l2c individuals with good to perfect experience of l2c highend content. Succeeded in this id be willin to contribute high online with flexibility to have it stepped up for various important events as well as a toptier level or performance over my toon

Do not whisper me if:

- you have a russian majority among your rows, that's an absolute no go since i dont want my party to be called san diego zoo

- you plan to involve me in uncontrollable accsharing ( due to the ncwest banning/unbanning system being a randomizer itself i will only let myself and prolly my relative play my character )

- you plan to get me any slot but a damage dealer 

- the online of your core players wont have at least a lesser twodigit amount of hours daily

- you do not speak english or german

another tip :

- exile/X / dota / rmt sides have a surefour amount of players i wont ever get along with.



as for my background : ive got some notable to huge achievements at early NA and several RU retail servers with the majority of those you do call lineage two legends being a part of my autobiography book if id ever decide to write any. However, this is still under a huge question if i am gonna reveal any of this sooner or later sticking to the paragraph two in "do not dare to do this", as everyone knows once you do not share your toon you dont cause any distribution / trust drama.



serious inquries are what you can always forward to discord : StonedKillerz#8142

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