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Issues with l2 launcher

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Hello there! Im trying to download the game now so i just need ot update it tomorrow (and i believe ican get into the game faster than just going for full download tomorrow)
Thing is im having issues with it. My download speed goes from the maximun possible (5mb/s) to bytes, yeah bytes wtf.

I have been "downloading" it for 4 hours to get 400 mb from 8.500 mb. I believe I will finish in 2 weeks.

You may think "dude, get a better internet" but the thing is I tried to download another game to check my internet. So far it's normal, 5 mb/s. 

So my question is, anyone here got the same problem? did you solve it? how? 

BTW I sent a ticket, not answer so far ( and i searched in google, since this forum has not search option or at least i havent found it yet) and there is no answer or at least there is nothing that could help me) 
(found the search tool in the forum nothing helpful found) 

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