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TheMainEvent Clan Recruiting (Talking Island)!


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Welcome to TheMainEvent clan. We work hard together to play and enjoy the best time we can in Lineage 2. Our clan is a team-work and pvp based clan. We love to COMPETE and we will win. All our core members are very experienced and knowledgeable with the classic chronicle. We're looking for players that shares similar qualities. IF you feel you're fit for the position please leave a post.
Our clan is primarily in North America and European. 

- We currently have FOUR ACTIVE CPs. We are looking to fill the current roles in our EU CP and NA CPs

EU - Golden CP Melee 
- 1 Melee DD 

EU- Jelly Bean CP Mage  

- 1 SE
- 1 Nuke (AOE)

NA- Losaa CP Archer

- 1 Archer

Discord and voice is mandatory, if you wish to speak please leave your post and i'll invite you to our discord. 


We're Ready For You,



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