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Some Game Suggestions...


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I want to post here optimistically because my last thread became such a reality it was crazy (i have not read korean patch notes but yea).


#1 Issue of all: Immortal Scrolls (Class changes not refunding skill enchantments, and skills deleted not refunded either.). Players deserve to restore the skills back to +10/+20 if they had invested billions and billions and billions and billions (Trump meme). No such refund has been available for quite sometime so players are to be severely I mean hella severely penalized for changing their class, really?!?!? Billions of adena poofs.


#2 Hunter Amulet: For the blessed Faction Talisman enchantment, these things are really overpriced ig means. 30k rep 5m adena for clan reward. 200 Raid points for ig. Or 5 hero coin each (but you require 2 for 8~10...). How about instead of making it so stupid to obtain within a timely manner make it more easier so we don't have to spend so much NCoin or wait so long to farm fame or raidpoints.


#3 Icon skins for skills: Some are swapped, and it's really confusing for those who have played awakens since GoD launch. Maybe change the icons for them to make more sense or create newer skill icons (images).


#4 Legendary Scrolls, Bloody/Darking, High-Stakes gamble gamble: It's very hard for newer players or rising players to obtain these by chance things. The Legendary Scrolls is a totally separate issue, but I hear nothing about complaints about that too. Bloody Darking however maybe shouldn't have to rely on the weapon being blessed anymore It's kinda lame because most top or mid player are all dark or bloody so it will be hard for the people struggling to get up there to get it done.


#5 Gear gaps still very relevant. Mentioned in a prior older thread once deleted, the enormous gear gap still exists and all I suggested was to close the gap within reasonable means regarding character class, skills, gears, store items but still not quite there the gap is still quite excessive people are still 1-shotted, the gap needs to be minimized it's plain as day.

(Side Note for the classes I play: Iss aoe debuffs being removed kind of sucks, tanks debuff and removing shield charge debuff which was very nifty sucks, reducing debuff timers (especially for mobs sucks.).


May edit thread later but this is what I got so far, appreciate criticism (cough cough Power) but you're probably gonna be wrong so don't bother much negative criticism.

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