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Dev Missing!


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Forgive me if I'm wrong and for reposting this topic.

I am having the same issue as many others. I wait through 1k players to get into the new server. I then try to create a character, and before I can even select anything my client decides it's time to close. This is extremely trusting so I bought 2 30$ packs for my fiance and I to play and we have yet to even have the chance to log in. 

But what is even more aggravating is the fact that no dev has responded to these other posts about people having this same issue.

I have never played this game, a friend talked me into trying it out. I have to say though this is one of the worst ways the make somone feel welcome. The least you could do is let people know what's going on and what you are doing to fix the issue.

I would also like to know what you plan on doing to compensate all these players who have not been able to log in. We are all now at a big disadvantage as far as the community progression.

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