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Need Direction

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I'm excited for the pure nostalgia.

It's hard for me to try and decide what to do. I'm probably going to dualbox a buffer with whatever I chose.

Spellhowler, Blade Dancer, Titan or what?

I used to play solo a fair amount, but the option to farm with a group is nice. Especially once I find a clan. I'm faintly remembering which classes were a little more expensive and typically casters were a bit slower of a grind considering mana resources but I'm thinking it'd turn into a power house once I dual box a Shillien Elder.

I don't know about current drop rates, market prices or how the new systems make items available all too well yet. I'd absolutely love PvE and PvP viability, while on large or small scale. I don't mind being sub-optimal but at least not broken. If anyone can chime in on their personal viewpoint.

I love Clan oriented play, Alliances and sieges. I love farming and territory Clan Wars. I love everything that gets more than a handful together. I'm leaning towards Spellhowler or Titan mostly. Rebuffing every two minutes is rough, but the class was enjoyable as for the Blade Dancer. I also had an Abyss Walker at one point but I don't think I'll use daggers all that much anymore. Bows aren't out of the option and the reason why I stay away is simple, no aoe for group EXP'ing. Necromancers I remember being extremely expensive, so I probably won't be able to achieve that starting from scratch.

Any off the cuff or off subject matter advice is welcome. Thanks!

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