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Can't log in, it get's worse.

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10 Attempts, finally made it into the character creation page finished, named and loading. POP UP!

Okay okay, so I just have to sit through 1 more queue and log straight in. CHARACTER PIN!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, so now I'm going to try my Chronos character to refresh my own memory as it's very difficult to ascertain a forgotten PIN through NCSoft. Okay, 5 failed attempts. Trying relatively conceivable notions that I might have used, turns out I can't log in for another 8 HOURS!

I'm so so happy I have not spent a dime to be wasted at this point. My afternoon has totally been wasted since I wanted to make a Classic char on my original CLASSIC PRELUDE account. Very, very unhappy at this point. I was very hyped up and have been sorely let down by this unnecessarily painful experience.

I can't imagine a company working this hard against their player base. Not that I could truly be considered part of that in recent years as the vitality system put my forehead through my desk so hard I forgot all about L2 and moved on to other games that rewarded longevity in play.

I have talked to people about this game for YEARS as a truly unique experience. It made community feel significant, it made personal achievements and farming notably significant. Time put in is time rewarded, but as I'm reading through the posts and have failed to even log in. I'm disheartened and in a very negative way about how to perceive the release for the, "Classic," Lineage 2 experience. I'm forced to take their word on it as I can't even play the game.

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