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Grind, Economy and NCshop In Lineage 2


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Lineage 2 gameplay consists of Grind, Trade, and PvP.

Grind is a Core element of this game, by reducing the rewards of Grinding you Devalue Lineage 2 by a lot, you completely change what lineage 2 should be.

Trade, another of games core element that is completely destroyed, there are no drops to sell or Adena to buy the drops.

VIP system is awesome, I don't have it but I like the idea of rewarding loyalty and if the server goes well I plan to get it.

NCshop needs changes, we should never get something from NCshop we cannot obtain in the game(excluding cosmetics and QoL ofc), one example is SoulShots right now we can not obtain SoulShots in the amount we need and this degrades our ability to competitively Grind and yes this is a Very big factor that will decide which clans will Rule this server.

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