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M. Acc, M. Ev // M. Critical Damage, M. Critical Rate


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I have a couple of serious remarks with which I ran into the euro classics. I would like this topic to get a massive response and be conveyed to the project management. I have a lot of different comments, if the topics get a response, I will write more often.
1. You noticed that the parameter from the live version was transferred to the classic version of the game - magical accuracy and magical evasion, which depends ONLY on the parameter "Wit (WIT)" and is not modified by buffs. Unlike physical accuracy and physical evasion, which are modified by buffs. this parameter is there, but it cannot be modified with a buff! These parameters came to the classics from GOD, but not in full.


2. There is also, and the critical attack parameter works very well. BUT! Not for everyone, but only for physical classes. Further, all the figures will be given approximately, but this is not a hoax, there is a lot of evidence that I can provide.
So, if you are a physical class, then the maximum "P. Critical Rate" that you can have is 500. More than 500 also has an effect, but the figure in the game is maximum 500 (there are official tests for Russia — it makes sense to raise more than 500). So you all know how to raise these characteristics. 500 gives about 50% chance.
500 units of "M. Critical Rate" is completely different. There is an official test in which it makes no sense to raise higher than 300, then only a decline. https://4gameforum.com/threads/640315/  On the one hand, this is good, but on the other, think for yourself. With the in-game buffs, you can raise the chance a bit (Wild Magic), but you can’t raise the power of crit as a physicist https://4gameforum.com/threads/572862/. It would seem - all under equal conditions. But no, friends. Soon the special skills of the RUNE will be introduced here, and there the Item 90581.jpg Othell’s Rune - Stage 8 gives you 250 chances of crit. As a result, with the usual PP buff, you have the maximum value of the TH, AW, PW, and the rest of the classes need only the SwS song., And the highest in the game is the Feoh’s Rune - Stage 13 Feoh’s Rune - Stage 13 Super 11 (!!!!!!) of M. Critical Rate. There are screenshots and videos. And again - there are no buffs to increase the power of Magcrit!!!
The Intelligence (INT) DOES NOT affect the M. Critical Damage !!! https://4gameforum.com/threads/572862/


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