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My missing quests


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So, I came back like everyone after the re-launch to steep in nostalgy with Classic. And I found it disappointing.

I'm more than fine with slow pacing and less focus on endgame content, but now half of the quests that were availlable in 2004 has been removed from the game. I wandered for 15 minutes looking for the love letter quest in Talking Island, that I remembered from back then, just to discover it's not in the game anymore. And lot of others were killed in the years, to never be re-added.

Just, what is this? Where is my Classic effect if I can't play the same game content? I'm happy you improved the graphic but, if you don't mind, I'd like to have all the old quests back in the game. They'd make easier to gear up, too, and offer more knowledge on the game lore.

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