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It's good to be back.


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Hi all, 

I have not played for about 5 years. I love the new classic server and all the crying from people who never played classic how its to hard. They must have never sold there soul to the gods for soul shots back before u could buy them on a store and have quest hand them to you like candy, anyway.


Level 23 Elf Wizard, PvP focused English speaking online from about 4pm-11pm Central time unless the kids have things going on. Play about 8-10 hours on weekends. Looking for a guild that is pvp focused. White knights, gankers, PvP sieges whatever a clan that's always at war with someone. Vip level 4( not sure if it matters to a clan or not). I have vent/discord whatever you use. I don't talk a lot but ill have it on. Also use Slack if your clan uses that. 

I don't want to help level anyone's alts, Power level them while they taking  a cat nap or sit around in town playing emote games for items.

Little about myself: I have been playing mmo's since UO, Everquest 1. My first big experience was in Dark age of Camelot where I was in top pvp guilds and played for over 10 years. I have played most PvP focused mmo's and many others.



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