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In my opinion what has happened here is the following. They decide to open a classic F2P server but, obviously, they also want income. Like every F2P game you have to take money from somewhere. So we tempt players to buy things to make it easier to play.
Until here nothing great. A model that is seen in many games.
The problem, for me were 2 things. 1. Low cost team. A team of few people assigned to this project to open a classic server. 2. Very little time to make the necessary adjustments.
Result: A server many failures that could have been avoided if they had taken more time to prepare it. Or failing that, more people assigned to the project.
The clearest example is to tempt players to buy things with real money using lower rates. Again, they did not test it enough. Result, total disproportion, people do not have enough adena to even buy a SoE or potions to level.
I think the thought was something like: "We open the servers as fast as possible, any problem that appears we solve it with patches" This is a very arrogant way to carry out an MMO and there are examples of this. The now popular Final Fantasy XIV in version 1.0 did exactly that and so it was. They had to close and do everything almost from 0.

Personally I prefer that they close the servers for 1 month. Work on them and re-open them polished enough to give the user a good gaming experience. And above all, being clear. Say what rates you will have. It is better to say the server will have rates 0.75 for the exp and 0.5 for the drop / spoil / adena than to launch it without saying anything, hoping that nobody will notice. Because they will realize and you will have a forum full of people claiming generating a very bad environment for the players and a very bad scenario for potential new players.

This is my simple opinion

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The entire NA Classic project was rushed. The initial boardroom idea was just a quick and easy cash grab, with little expected fanfare. However the whole plan backfired when the player turnout was well beyond their expected numbers, which turned the entire project into a massive clusterF and PR disaster that NCWest isn't even remotely capable of handling.

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