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Just in Prevention, be warned.


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Hello everyone,

I would just prevent you from leveling in the highest "floors" of Execution ground. There are 3 "main" wizards playing with their boxes. I personnaly saw 5 boxes on 2 "main". We PvPed them because they had Pked us for being on "their" spot.


We killed some of them, but they fastly came 3 at the same time. Se I can confirm that they "control" the floors.

I won't say any char name because I'm not 100% sure right now, but I can easily guess that they are Russian, which is totally forbidden there :

- They can't answer with sentences with more than 5 words fastly (I guess it's hard to write with cyrillic keyboard),

- They admitted using Battleping (screened), I think it's allowed, but personally I'm french and I totally don't need that to have a good ping,

- They tried to put the fault on us by telling everyone that we were Russian. Which is basically the first defense of a guilty; rejecting the falt on his opponent.


I personally discussed with one of them in MP, telling that I can easily prove with my ID that I'm french; he wasn't answering me anymore...


And for the haters, i'm not crying, i'm just trying to defend the only one EU server without legally 6 boxes russian farmers. I liked the official servers at the start in C1, I enjoyed PVP, I enjoyed PK, and I totally don't have any problem about PvP or being killed. It's just for the principle, to play in good conditions.


So, just for Prevention, except if you destroy them with your party, be aware of them.


If a GM want to discuss with me more about it, I'm at your disposal.


By the way, sorry for my English, i'm French.

Have a good day all.

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