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Is VIP the same as Prestige pack?

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I am talking primarily from the aspect of bypassing the queue.

Long story short, Loved L2 back when "NOW" WAS L2 Classic , stopped when it just got silly (Goddes of Destruction iirc)

Was a dream the GOOD OLD SYSTEM returning.


You all know the login woes, and where I really wanted more time to assess classic before dropping cash (and I play subscription games so am happy to pay for the good ones).

Long story short, $15 sub for prestige pack signed up for, got the confirmation email, papal verifies I paid $15, and nothing.   Fair initially, so a "restart" without logout.  Still nothing.  Full log out and force close all NCsoft tasks.  Log into a queue.  Get to 0, and "The Client Will Be Closed. Do You Want To Continue?" before any options.  next time same but when halfway through pin.

Did I misunderstand that subscribing is meant to bypass the queue? Am I doing something stupid/wrong?  or should I just start working on getting a refund?




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