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a small opinion and reflection on the login


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To have NCCSOFT, I understand perfectly that you need to make money, this is perfect, if not for that, we could not enjoy the lineage and so many other NCSOFT games, but nevertheless you have to understand that you can not force the players to pay a VIP by force, what does this mean? the server has a BIG PROBLEM TO LOGO for people who are not VIP, that includes players that are from the first day of the server, to new players who want to experience the new NCSOFT Classic server for the first time, what is the problem? Well the problem is THE FIRST IMPRECISE THAT THE NEW PLAYERS OBTAIN, put yourself in the place of the new players, enter the page, download the Classic, the account is created and they are ready to login, and suddenly they find a 900 queue player and a wait of MANY HOURS, what do you think will happen?
1st the new player will go to see that it takes DEMACIED TIME TO LOG.
2º the player waits passively to be able to log in (PASSED MANY HOURS)
 a new player, without knowing the server is NOT GOING TO BUY A VIP without knowing if he liked it or not, then, IT IS VERY BUT VERY IMPORTANT, that they solve the "" problem "" of the loggin.

to be more precise was 08:00 in the morning (Argentine time) when it happens to be in the position number 23 in the queue waiting, at this moment is 13:20 hrs and this in the position number 13, means that I am more than 5 hours and only under 10 points, IT IS COMPLETELY ILOGICO, so I ask you please to solve this, to look for the way to be able to login and play, without waiting so long, there are people who do not go to pay a VIP if the server has problems.


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