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A big thank you


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I don't think I've ever gotten that "real classic experience" that everyone's been talking about. I started when C3 came out and stayed until C6 I think, but I started with friends and had friends already playing so I was never alone. I got into good Clans, got support etc. so I never felt it was difficult. Damn, I still remember buying my first Gladius (what was it, 50k in the store?) on Talking Island. Amazing memories, really.

I joined Classic now to get that good L2 feeling back on board, and let me tell you, it wasn't easy. I am alone as my friends do not have time to play or I'm no longer in contact with them. Sad story, anyway. I did not have enough Adena to keep up with my character's SS demand, I died a few times, I was alone, bots were taking my monsters etc. I can only play like a few hours a week, so leveling is hard, but I still enjoy every minute of it. And now the Adena, Spoil and Drop rates have been increased which made it significantly easier for me to keep my character leveling at a decent rate.

So all in all, I just want to share my thoughts: Thank you for giving me a chance to play Classic again, and thank you for making these fixes. I really appreciate it.

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