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Fair Solution Queue: give possibility to become "ghost" VIP outside game

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I know that now lots VIPs have queue too but surely is a shorter queue in front off VIP 0

But there are several players with NC coin or Pack already buyed that can become VIP3+ only by login and actually are VIP0 and have long time queue


Can developers consider the possibility to become "ghost" VIP in this way?

1) a player have already (or buy) enough NC coin (or a Pack) for become at least VIP1

2) the player acquire the relative ghost VIP status and log in as it has that status

3) in max 20 minutes use the required NC coin or open the pack for acquire the Status and become normal VIP (not yet ghost)

You (NCSOFT) dont want to upper the limit of 6000, ok... BUT ONLY YOU CAN GIVE THE SOLUTION and HAVE TO DO!


Last but not least ... Tomorrow the possibility to buy Chronicle pack ends...

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