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LittlePigs [Talking Island] Recruiting


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We're putting the band back together.

LittlePigs is recruiting ~10 dedicated, active NA/EU players to fill out our preliminary roster as we progress on TI. You will join a clan with an emphasis on comradery, where members receive as they deserve and earn, where contributors get a say in Clan direction and decisions, and have an active support network to assist fellow Pigs in progression.


  • Experience in Classic (leadership roles have multiple years of experience on EU Classic)
  • Receptive to constructive criticism. Not so important at this stage of the server, but if you can't learn for the sake of improvement when it's relevant later, LP is not a good fit for you.
  • Willingness to level epic alts when the need arises in the future (mandatory)
  • English-speaking
  • There will be an initiative to transition to CP format when it's necessary, should solo players be added now.

All classes and players who fit the above criteria will be considered; desirable classes will take precedence, but will not be an exclusive factor in decisions: flexibility for players who fit the mold will. 6% exp up front, clan skills to follow as we can level it.

Additionally, SS. CP is looking to fill out our party with active players of the following classes:

  • Bishop
  • BD
  • Destro

Anyone interested should add 1s1k#6891 on Discord, Kino in-game for discussion/further details.

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