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GAMEPAD - for the solo casuals


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Hi there. If you are going to play solo untill late-game, i suggest you to try using a gamepad. Lineage II theoretically supports gamepads but it is not optimised as it should be. You will find yourself having a bad time moving arround and finding your targets. 

What i do is using a remaping software . I use reWASD . you can download it here https://www.rewasd.com/ . it is pretty basic and intuitive on how to use. I will attach you a picture of my "preset" ,but you can make your own,ofcourse. This might sound stupid (playing l2 with a gamepad) but in the grinding solo game ( especially if you're mele but not only then) it's fun and it's something else. You'll forget that you farmed 50 mobs for 30 quest items because you'll be having a new experience on the same game you played for lots of years.

In the begining it will be sloppy,but after 30-40 minutes of killing monsters you'll be having a blast.

tip: make your action bar with : attack,nexttarget,1-2 skills , potions , sit, relax . For the first 35 levels you won't need that many buttons to press unless you're pvp-ing. So it's worth to try a gamepad.

You won't get competitive with this setup,but you can at least have some fun and take your mind away from the grinding game,focusing on the moment,not on the goal. Thank you,have a great day!

My setup : https://ibb.co/ddOWGV

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