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Spiritshots Still Auto-Switching


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So I've had this problem since release day October 3rd.  My spiritshots will switch to the most powerful shot on both boxes constantly at random times without manipulation.

It appears to always want to switch to something more powerful.  Also it will switch both boxes at the same time.  Only way to get it to stay at what I have selected for the longest period, is to re-select the shots I want enabled or in queue(disabled, but selected) for it not to switch to the most powerful shot.  If I leave one box at a more powerful shot selection, it will quickly switch my other box to that same shot.


For example, I could have regular spiritshots enabled or selected in queue, and it will toggle itself to blessed spiritshots, while still having plenty of regular spiritshots in my inventory.

Another example, I will have mysterious blessed spiritshots enabled or selected in queue and it will auto switch to store bought/crafted blessed spiritshots.


Again, the timing seems to be random but it is frequent enough to be very bothersome and somewhat sketchy, as it is costing me more in-game money or wasting spent NCoin.  The only way to have it stay at what I select for the longest period (maybe 10mins?) is to have both boxes selected at the same shot type, however it will still eventually auto-switch to a more powerful shot.  Not sure if that helps with any debugging info.

It's literally been happening to me since the first day, and I'm surprised I haven't heard anyone else complain about it?  It is draining my blessed reserve without warrant because you have to check intermittently to make sure your preferred shot type is correctly selected.


*Note: This bug is not enabling the shots in any way.  But either enabled or disabled, it will switch to what is the more powerful or expensive shot type.  This is happening on the same machine, dual boxing. No-Grade and D-Grade shots effected by this AFAIK and also effects different grades at same time. ie, no-grade shots on one box and D-Grade on another; will still switch both shots to most powerful or expensive*


Thanks guys!



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