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Group LFC Talking Island


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Hello guys, as title says we are a group of 28+ years old looking for clan. We played hardcore basically from c2 to c5 back since 2004 to 2009 or so and some of us played interlude. Once we saw there was going to be a classic launch on NA schedule we decided to play again, we were supposed to be like 12 persons but at the end just 5 of us started playing. 

 We got an Orc Shaman that's going for WC unless we find a good clan and he is playing like 15h per day. We got a 39 wizard that's going to be Sorc and also plays like 15 h per day. And then there's 3 of us that started like a week ago and would play at least 5h per day being a rogue going to HE lvl 24 atm, human knight going for dark avenger lvl 28 atm and a cleric thats going to be Bishop lvl 24 atm. 

We're from Venezuela so we are in GMT -4:30 playing mostly after 19:00 since we got jobs/kids/wives/rl/etc but still as you can see we can have a good amount of time dedicated to the game.

We're looking to join some well organized clan wtih ingame goals so let me know if any got room for us. 

PS: One of us has a really bad english but somehow everyone always ends up understanding him xD.


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