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Console Bug ? Mouse Locked


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Hello everyone, today this problem appeared in my game, for several times during the day this console appeared and blocked the activities of my mouse (click, camera) tried everything and could not close the console, it records all the actions of the keyboard and only closed when I completely closed the game. Does anybody know how to solve this? (sorry for the translator's english)


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Yesterday I deleted all the game and reinstalled, the problem continued, so I deleted the video drive and installed the most updated and so far I have not had the problem again, if I continue I update the post.


ps: gtx 1050ti video card was using the 10/10/2018 drive
Windows 10 Pro 64bits  (10.0 Comp 17134)



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I think I found the temporary solution for this, the green letters makes the game console window, I believe it is a bug. but by pressing alt + esc a few times, the game returns to normal and the mouse also. remembering that if we keep pressing alt + tab sometimes it appears again and sometimes does not appear.

we need a definitive solution to this bug.

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