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Spoil Rates


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Still wanting to know if the devs are going to address the spoil rate.   I saw a patch to fix adena and drops, but not for spoils.  I just want to know if it is something being fixed or if I should scrap my bounty hunter and roll a nuker.  

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They didn't fix drops, there are x threads on the forum with examples, either RNGesus took a dump on everyone or something's wrong.

Also adena is "hotfixed", just added +100 or smth across the board, you get 150-200 adena from lvl 20 spider, 200-300 adena from lvl 45 mobs.

They fixed spoil/drops with some shady patch ~2 weeks ago but the same patch allowed people to create Ertheia chars on the server, afterwards they reverted everything for drops/spoil and kept silence ever since.

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