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VIP 3 900+ Que !!Cubic and dmg bugs..


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well.......................... no balanced adena 40+,no sp for skills 40+, buged dmg with Bss ,Bugged cubics when they are about to expire they just stop doing anything basicly. and even if wanted to farm some adena wiithou ss ofc, after work.. even paying or VIP3 or 4... have to wait with 900+ players ahead of me ^~ GG almsot soo dissapointed as for Last D3 announcement at blizzcon-.-.
put more Boxes availabe for each player.. i think we miss more of those, help them... they need to make full prtys with their boxes and maybe some clans with their "teammates". why having active ppl to play with buffers and healers etc if u can make boxes for you ;).

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for got to add context
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