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Queue - Botting

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There is no have a way to play lineage 2 without bot ? Every spot full bots you can understand it so easy. Lineage 2 is a grinding game, we are giving our real time to do something but bot using give nothing, just open pc, open bot, thatz all. We are also cant log-in coz of bots. I click for log 8 hour ago, and sitll Queue 324. Beucase in the game really have alot of bot. Its so hard to ban them ? Its so hard to block these bot users ? Come on, you are NCSOFT ! Owner of Lineage 2, owner of Aion, owner of Guild wars, owner of Blade & Soul, how you cant stopped bot users ? How Blizzard doing it ? How other companies doing it ? 

I dont know what to say anymore, its just so absurd the NCSOFT really cant handle with both users. Server always have 6.400 online. We are playing like as a group but my members still cant login, also me too. If you really cant handle with these bleeping bot users, so lift online limit from servers so everyone can login.

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