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Elevator    0
4 minutes ago, MrUniverse said:

lol your telling me you got a character from lvl 0 - 20 in 1 or 2 hours ? on classic server ? I SAY BS and 200k - 300k I know that's BS

Not bs.


3 minutes ago, MrUniverse said:

I chose to GTFO.

thank god

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Daryehl    0

Personaly, I think the weapons' drop rate is fine, but the main probem are the key materials. Farming should be the best solution in order to get weapons and armors. But with drop rates of key materias ranging between 0,05% and 1% it becomes tiring... You can increase a little the drop rates of the key materias and create better chances to spoils more frequently. I think that way the game's economy would improve a lot. But the weapon's drop should stay the way it is.

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