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Suspicious Activity Ban Now D/C!


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Been Banned and it took 2 weeks for fix issues which was because i donated, no compensation of course. Then now back i get constant disconnection every 1 min after log in. Is it just me for L2 live just does not get the attention anymore. Very disappointing actions taken for this matter and Extremely disappointing issue that happening currently. Worse l2 experience Ever!!!. So word of advice is u gonna spend and pay u will be banned and punished, then after few weeks u think all is good u get this constant disconnection soon as u log on. Well done L2 bravo bravo u done it again! Very unhappy and never pay again cause i'll be punished for it without receiving any form of compensation for time loss, because majority of players need work and have life outside l2 and use l2 as a "MeTime". Well u F@#$ that up. "MeTime" became "StressOutTime"

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