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Psychonauts Recruitment (Naia Server)


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Psychonauts is a lvl 6 international clan led by CandyFlippins recruiting all actives, 90+ preferred. If you are active and seem like you can catch up, anyone is welcome. We mainly just like people who want to play and are ambitious about leveling. We'd love to see the clan grow further and gain more ambitions, but at the time being, we are mainly focused on raiding and leveling. Our primary languages are English and Spanish, but we welcome anybody who can effectively communicate.

We have:

  • Around 50 members total, with busy weekends and something happening every day. 21 are 90+, around 10 are 95+, and a core team is focused on 99+. The remainder are expected to catch up through active play.
  • A decent variety of people from many countries, mostly North and South America, East and Western Europe. This allows us to have activity at all hours.
  • A decent discord server with music and calendar bots, channels for raids, etc.
  • Part of an alliance with another clan of 90+ actives.
  • Instance raids daily, RBs also most days.

We are PVP-friendly, but also realistic about our strength. We want to grow and get stronger and better at all aspects of Lineage 2.  Inactives are purged whenever max is reached, with a mail sent to welcome them back if they begin playing regularly again. We are registered under "clan entry", so send CandyFlippins a mail or register there if you'd like to join. 

I hope to see you in game sometime soon!




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