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Just a thought ..


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Good morning English are not my language so forgive any mistakes..

So i play since day one of this new project that every 1 was waiting so much i used to play on skealth server to and i remember the hype as we was w8ting for the opening 

So i make my accounts all of them Vip lvl 4 i buy the very nice rune of exp 50% everything smooth And for my big suprice i see the game Full like super full super active super interesting i will not talk about bots or adena sellers  cause i dont really care and no one of you should cause if you are not going to buy from them or bot your self's just step back and enjoy YOUR game.

Lets face it 80 % of this server is softcore players  who use to be hardcore when they was 20 years old and still they Hope that they can be competitive  against Professional players that they having a group of (employs ) playing with them to farm epic bosses  Sell the items and make living. Face it there is no possible way to compete them  you are not even trusted enough to play with the big Boys. All cps that recruited in the top clans are just there to eat the leftovers as they Bosses selling items in M*****C****Ters.


So here is my thought its a fact that the server with the current adena rates is Unplayable every1 knows every accepts even the administrators the excuse is that is a Free to play model so they have somehow make money from the project which is 100% true  and tottaly respected.

I want to play a summoner and is impossible to me to play him and not making adena even if  the expence was equal to my profit i would be ok but not even this happening the rates are less than  x1 and AFTER THE WORST EVENT IN THE HISTORY OF L2  (where all of you found 2,2kk to 3kk and the server is full of top D?????? ) just asking... so after this event i noticed the server is less populated less interesting and generally no one goes exp cause they just doing daily's to exp ... without knowing that a 46 lvl char can easily be beaten from a 42 with his skills :S so Everything is collapsing slowly. 

Solution to save the server your dignity as a company our fun as players and even if everyone leaves the server you will keep a core of 800-1000 players is simple Make monthly payment to play the game 20$ not 10$ and fix game rates Adena exp spoils  give everyone the benefits of vip 4 with that and Make a l2 Shop with cosmetics and some  for extra profit with that simple step the follows will happen .

1:Players will play only their char no boxing means Active players socializing and actually even us the stupids who play suport we find party.

2: Your community will be much healthier less toxic cause all the free server kids will go to some 5000X server to play 

3:  Strong core  that will keep the server alive for some years

4: No more crying for adenas spoils and all this sickness that make everyone to log off permanent slowly .




Ask from your player base THeir opinion make a vote / Ask us what we prefer Monthly paying  and a smooth fun server ? OR experimental  free server that Even not the OWNERS OF THE GAME dont know what to do to save a sinking ship ...

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If you are going to make a wall of text with lots of pointless information, at least make the title so that people know what your main point is so they don't have to waste time reading till the end, only to find out it was not worth reading in the first place... just a thought.

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