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[TI] Archer CP lf PR or HE


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ÎÏοÏέλεÏμα εικÏÎ½Î±Ï Î³Î¹Î± i want you                                    Hunter's Guild CP Recruting!


Archer CP playing on Talking Island lf one archer (Phantom Ranger or Hawkeye) level 40+ to complete our party.

Our prime times are daily 20:00 - 00:00 Monday to Friday GMT +2 (some days and hours may be adjusted due to real life obligations).
During weekends we have more free time we usually team up for our dailies and grind parties but you are not forced to join if you just wanna chill!:D

We use Discord as our main communicating programm during our primes.Being present on discord during prime times is a must.

Saying more about us would just be a pitty.Feel free to pm me in game for further information "QueenPenelope or our cp leader "Nagathor for more info during the times said above.Also feel free to personal message me on discord @emmerod#0331 .

We are waiting for you!Join us!

Hunter's Guild 



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